Substitution Change Products

You have the right to return the product you received, except Underwear and Swimwear, in which, for reasons of hygiene, NO CHANGES ARE MADE & RETURNS, within 14 calendar days from the date the order was shipped and request a replacement.

*Note clothes are not exchanged for underwear. They are not changed from summer to winter and vice versa

The return of the products for the purpose of replacing them, does not constitute an action of withdrawal on your part.

By product change, we mean replacing the product with another variant (size, color, etc.), of the same product code.
Product changes are only made if product variants are available.
We do not accept changes or returns of products, with tampered packaging, or used, or generally altered in their original condition.
We do not accept changes of underwear and swimwear, under any circumstances, for hygiene reasons.
We do not provide service, processing, or conversion of products.

For purchases over €80.00, the first change is free.
As long as the possibility of the first free change is given for your order, the first change is not charged with transport costs, as long as you use the transport company that we will indicate to you.
If you need to make a second change then the return costs will be borne by you.
Changes beyond the first, or for purchases below €80.00, are charged with a +€6.00 shipping cost (+ €2.00 cash on delivery, where this is required)

(1) In order to return one or more products, you should contact the courier company that delivered the package to you stating that it is a return to, in order to receive the return parcel and start the process.
(2) Then place the item in its packaging with the barcode (if it has one) and its tag, the proof of order and fill in the form you will find inside the bag to indicate what change you want to make (e.g. change in number. in color or if you want a refund) and deliver the package to the courier.
(3) As soon as we receive the parcel, an availability check is carried out for the products you want to change. As long as the product/s is available, we will make the exchange and refund it to you.
In case any of the products are not available we will contact us to discuss together the replacement of your order.

In case of exchange of proven defective products, they are not exchanged for different products or amount of money, but replaced.
It can be agreed or product replacement with another, different product, after consultation between the two parties and only if our company is willing to replace the product.
In the event that the change is made, upon agreement, with a more expensive product, you pay the difference and the new cash on delivery cost of €2.50. Of course you can avoid cash on delivery by depositing the difference in the bank.
In the event of a change due to your miscalculation (color, size, etc.), the products are not exchanged for cash and the new shipping costs are borne by you.

In case of exchange of proven defective products, the shipping costs are borne by us.
In the event that the product to be changed,
a) does not prove to be defective,
b) found to have been used,
c) its packaging is damaged,
returned to the buyer with transport costs borne by him.

Each order comes with a product change form.
In the event of a change, the products must be in their packaging in an intact condition and must be accompanied by:
a) From the purchase document.
b) From the corresponding change form, completed.
Any change or return, which is not accompanied by the corresponding change form and the proof of purchase, will not be accepted.

The replacement of the products takes place as long as the product to be replaced is returned to our Company in the same good condition that you originally received it.
We do not replace products that are dirty, damaged, altered, damaged or are not accompanied by all the documents you received from us.

For any change or return, you should first contact us, at, or at 2104933122.